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QAnon Believers Flock to Dallas for the Grand Return of JFK Jr.

DALLAS — QAnon true believers collected en masse on Tuesday morning in anticipation of the return of Camelot — namely, of John F. Kennedy, Jr., the lush-haired scion and former George publisher who was killed in a airplane crash in 1999. The crowds chose to meet in Dealey Plaza and lined them selves all around the big white “X” that marks the spot exactly where his father, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1963. Dozens wore Tiffany Blue, a colour connected with the Kennedy clan, as properly as shirts that read “TRUMP/JFK JR 2020.” 

That John F. Kennedy, Jr., is set to return is a belief established forth by proponents of the QAnon conspiracy idea, which postulates that Donald Trump is lying in hold out to destroy a top secret cabal of blood-drinking, baby-intercourse-trafficking associates of the liberal elite. Dozens of QAnon supporters started out gathering in AT&T Discovery Plaza in downtown Dallas previous evening to commemorate the glorious return of JFK Jr. — a person who, once more, it ought to be emphasized, has failed to transform oxygen into carbon dioxide for more than two a long time.

“Trump reinstated as 19th president calls up a new vice president, JFK Junior” wrote a popular QAnon influencer with more than 250,000 followers on the encrypted messaging application Telegram. The influencer added that Trump’s reinstatement stems from the point that “everything from 1871 was illegal and unconstitutional,” a reference to a convoluted considerably-ideal conspiracy principle aimed at invalidating Biden’s presidency by suggesting that an obscure law from the late-19th century renders each legislation handed and president elected due to the fact then as illegitimate. “Trump will action down. John will come to be President,” the write-up reads, including that disgraced former typical and QAnon superstar Michael Flynn will grow to be his vice president. The feverish fantasy concludes by proclaiming that Trump will turn out to be “1 of the 7 new Kings. Most probably the King of Kings,” a reference to a biblical passage in Revelations 17.

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The renaissance of JFK Jr. is an significantly well-known cornerstone of the QAnon conspiracy concept, although it has historically been a little something of a fringe belief in the movement. The theory postulates that JFK Jr. has been in hiding for several years and will finally expose himself as Trump’s operating mate for the 2024 election, a perception that stems from a poster professing to be JFK Jr. who contributed to an 8chan thread in 2018. Some proponents of the concept also consider that Vincent Fusca, a former sales manager in Pittsburgh, is secretly JFK Jr. in disguise, inspite of the fact that Fusca is inches shorter (and actually, substantially considerably less good-seeking) than John F. Kennedy Jr. QAnon influencer Juan O. Savin has also been “suspected” to be JFK Jr. in “disguise.” Platforms like Etsy and Amazon have also been named out for promoting merch selling the notion that JFK Jr. is nonetheless alive and will return as Trump’s working mate, and several supporters at the Dealey Plaza function ended up photographed donning these kinds of merch.

In current months (and especially in the wake of Trump’s defeat in November 2020, when QAnon leaders have been scrambling to manage their relevancy), some outstanding QAnon influencers have expanded on this lore, most notably Michael Brian Protzman, who also operates a popular Telegram channel. Protzman, who is based mostly in Washington State and runs a demolition corporation, relies on an abstruse edition of gematria, or numerology, to boost the concept that he is in immediate call with the Kennedy family members (which he believes are immediate descendants of Jesus Christ), and that they will make their triumphant return on Tuesday.

On his Telegram channel, Protzman has been publishing videos and photographs of himself hobnobbing with QAnon supporters in Dealey Plaza, signing supporters’ T-shirts and wielding a trophy with the message “The Gematria Basic: God communicates in quantities and Trump does as well.” “We are the storm … we’re the kinds the satan will come to check out and acquire down 1,000 many years from now and a 1,000 a long time of peace, and he will have no outcome, since we’re likely from 3D to 5D,” Protzman said in an incomprehensible, rant-stuffed video posted on Telegram by a supporter, to murmurs of assent and raucous cheers.

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On a cloudy early morning in downtown Dallas, the conclave organized in part by Protzman drew hundreds to Dealey Plaza. 1 attendee suggested his Telegram chat by name, wherever Protzman shared updates on the occasion to his above two thousand followers. 

The expectation among some attendees was that JFK Jr. would reveal himself alongside with his father, JFK Sr., to fantastic fanfare. “We’re expecting a parade,” reported a female named Ginny who had occur all the way from Nebraska. “JFK is heading to be right here.” Ginny then went on to describe her beliefs that many useless superstars are in fact alive, are a part of a top secret plan, and that there will be a large reveal afterwards tonight at the Rolling Stones live performance at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas. “Robin Williams was listed here the other day… Michael Jackson is significant in the motion.”

Every single attendee who was eager to chat appeared to sincerely believe that a thing large was heading to happen. A lot of exclusively talked about the JFK idea. That was surely the case for Mike Penny, who also is a little bit of a QAnon influencer in his very own right, acquiring appeared in YouTube videos with Protzman.

“It’s the commencing and the stop,” Penny informed Rolling Stone. When requested when he was expecting to see JFK, he said “sometime these days.” 

Various attendees mentioned 12:29 PM as the particular time they predicted the deus ex machina, noting that it was the time that JFK was shot 58 many years ago. But for whichever explanation, no a single spelled out why they didn’t decide on to satisfy on the working day JFK was shot, Nov. 22. Perhaps it was a typographical error. 

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When 12:29 rolled all over, the only issue that took place was a team recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. Even now, the group stuck all over for many several hours, even as hefty rain started pouring down.  

In the end, the crowd shuffled away toward their inns in downtown Dallas. But some ended up undeterred. In a Telegram chat devoted to the function titled RESTORE HUMANITY, just one Jeanette Neese manufactured the circumstance for religion.

“Well, do you have religion in our God or not?” Neese requested rhetorically, in reference to JFK’s noteworthy absence. “I know I do and component of religion is continuing to have it, EVEN WHEN you just cannot see.  No issue what, I imagine the the vast majority of us know that a little something is taking place. We can truly feel it!”  


This story has been up to date to include primary reporting from Dallas, Texas.