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Sea Sponge and Sea Megastar Resemble SpongeBob, Patrick Megastar in NOAA Picture

  • NOAA scientists use remotely operated automobiles to discover and {photograph} deep-sea habitats.
  • On Tuesday, an expedition noticed a sea sponge and sea famous person in combination a mile deep within the Atlantic.
  • A scientist identified that the 2 animals resemble SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Megastar.

SpongeBob SquarePants might put on stylish garb, however real-life sea sponges clearly do not put on pants. Sea stars like SpongeBob’s partner-in-crime, Patrick, do not put on swim trunks, both. 

However, marine scientist Christopher Mah temporarily noticed the resemblance between the Nickelodeon caricature characters and a real-life yellow sponge and red sea famous person discovered deep underneath the Atlantic waves. A remotely operated deep-sea automobile noticed the colourful duo on Tuesday at the aspect of an underwater mountain referred to as Retriever seamount, which is situated 200 miles east of New York Town.

“I typically steer clear of those refs… however WOW. REAL LIFE SpongeBob and Patrick!” Mah, a researcher affiliated with the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Management, tweeted


As a part of its latest deep-sea expedition, NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer send is sending remotely-operated automobiles like the person who discovered the sponge and famous person greater than a mile beneath the Atlantic’s floor. The ROVs, as they are identified, discover submarine habitats, livestream their trips, and seize pictures of denizens within the deep. 

Soleimani SpongeBob

SpongeBob SquarePants.

Press Workplace of Iranian Superb Chief/Anadolu Company/Getty Pictures; YouTube/SpongeBobSquarePantsofficial

“I believed it could be humorous to make the comparability, which for as soon as used to be in truth more or less similar to the long-lasting pictures/colours of the caricature characters,” Mah advised Insider by the use of e-mail. “As a biologist who focuses on sea stars, maximum depictions of Patrick and Spongebob are unsuitable.”

Evaluating SpongeBob and Patrick to their real-life opposite numbers

There are greater than 8,500 species of sponges, and the creatures had been residing within the ocean for the closing 600 million years. Their shapes and textures range relying on whether or not they survive cushy sand or arduous, rocky surfaces.

Only a few of them resemble SpongeBob’s boxy form.


SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Megastar.

Paramount Photos

However the SpongeBob-like sponge within the symbol, Mah stated, belongs to the genus Hertwigia. He used to be stunned via its shiny yellow colour, which is abnormal for the deep sea. That some distance down, maximum issues are orange or white to lend a hand them camouflage within the dimly lit atmosphere.

sea star

A Chondraster grandis sea famous person within the North Atlantic in 2014 .


The ocean famous person within sight, referred to as Chondraster, has 5 fingers coated with tiny suckers. The ones permit it to creep around the ocean ground and connect itself to rocks and different organisms. Chondraster stars will also be darkish red, mild red, or white.

This famous person’s colour “used to be a shiny red that strongly evoked Patrick,” Mah stated.

Sea stars are carnivores. As soon as one clings to a clam, oyster, or snail, the animal extends its abdomen out thru its mouth then makes use of enzymes to wreck down and digest its prey.

Sea sponges, if truth be told, are a most popular menu merchandise for Chondraster stars, Mah stated. So the red Patrick-like creature scooting with regards to the sponge most likely had meals, no longer friendship, in thoughts. 

The picture beneath, taken closing week as a part of the similar NOAA expedition, displays a white sea famous person, most likely a Chondraster, preying on a sponge.

sea sponge

A sea famous person, most likely a Chondraster, consuming a sea sponge at the Macgregor seamount within the Atlantic Ocean.

Courtesy of Christopher Mah/NOAA

Those creatures’ deep-sea habitat is freezing; no daylight penetrates. 

They are living “in the real abyss of the sea,” Mah stated, “smartly beneath the intensity we call to mind the place caricature SpongeBob and Patrick are living.”

Sharing pictures from the deep

sponges and coral

Sea sponges and coral within the Pacific Ocean close to the Hawaiian Islands in 2015.


Mah, a professional in sea stars who works on the Smithsonian Museum, hopes to make use of pictures from the Okeanos ROVs to spot new famous person species.

Since 2010, this system has helped researchers discover the depths beneath the Hawaiian Islands, the USA Pacific Island territories, the Gulf of Mexico, and “all up and down the East Coast,” Mah stated. NOAA’s ROVs can traverse deep-sea canyons, sea mounts, and different habitats.

“We now have investigated as much as 4,600-meter depths [15,000 feet, or almost 3 miles] and viewed a variety of never-before-seen ocean lifestyles, together with large deep-sea corals, many deep-sea fish, starfishes, sponges of which many are undescribed species and thus new to science,” Mah stated.

He added: “A few of it is extremely alien and in some instances strange.”

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